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        ĦĦĦĦ Cement Packing Machine
        ĦĦĦĦ Auxiliary Equipment Of Packing Machine
        ĦĦĦĦ Other Products Series
        Tel: +86-(0)714-6355367
        Fax: +86-(0)714-6356719
        Mobile: 13972786833
        P.C: 435000
        E-mail: hbsjhyp@163.com
        Web: www.dtxffc.com
        Huangshi Shanli Packing Equipment Ltd Co.
             Huangshi Shanli Packing Equipment Ltd Co. is a new high-tech enterprise composed of the optimized technicians specialized in cement packing and air-driven transportation from the former Hubei Cement Machinery Factory. The Company has a solid base of human resources and technological resources and complete processing equipment. Involved with the development, design, installation and after-sale service of the product, the Company provides good-quality and highly reliable powder packing and transportation equipments.
        ĦĦĦĦMajor products

        ĦĦĦĦ1.The new rotation and fixed packing machines, developed on the basis of the imported German Haver technology;
        ĦĦĦĦ2.The packing machines of all big bags and open-end bags;
        ĦĦĦĦ3.The online separation and selection treatment equipment of weighing machine and material bags;
        ĦĦĦĦ4.The truck packing machines, train packing machines, and ship packing machines of various packing
        ĦĦĦĦ5.The accessory packing equipments like shaking filter, and 3D double wheel material downloading machines;
        ĦĦĦĦ6.The electric automatic control system;
        ĦĦĦĦ7.The German Haver packing machines; the German CP packing machine technological and accessory support.
        ĦĦĦĦThe management motto: provide electric machinery equipments, be trustworthy, and provide perfect service.
        ĦĦĦĦThe Huangshi Shanli Packing Equipment Ltd Co. is conveniently situated at Huangshi Economic and Technological Development Zone, approximately 70km away from Wuhan. Shanli warmly welcomes its old and new friends to pay a visit to the company.
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        Add:Wujiahong Industrial Park, No.121 HuangShi,Hubei China,ĦĦEmail£şhbsjhyp@163.comĦĦTel: +86-0714-6355367 6356719(FAX)

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